Racecourses in England

The very first recorded race to take place in Britain was held in London in the year 1174; although it is believed that racing was introduced here during 200 AD by the Roman Empire. Britain has upheld its rich racing heritage through various horse racing disciplines such as flat racing, National Hunt racing and point to point racing. All racing is overseen by the British Horseracing Authority, which is responsible for offering compelling racing, being a world leader in race day regulation, guaranteeing the highest standards in the sport, ensuring racehorses are well treated, and promoting the industry.

Live horse racing takes place throughout the year at tracks across the country, such as Cheltenham Racecourse, Ascot Racecourse, Chester Racecourse and Hamilton Racecourse, to name but a few.

Ascot Racecourse ranks amongst the most historic tracks, having been inaugurated in 1711 by Queen Anne. Doncaster Racecourse also shares a place in annals of history, with the St Leger Stakes making a name for the track in the year 1776. Each track in Britain has its own unique relationship with horse racing, hosting some the biggest racing extravaganzas in the world, and luring thousands of international competitors to its shores each year.

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