Goodwood Horse Racing Track in England

The Goodwood Racecourse is an international favorite with passionate horse racing enthusiasts, and is well worth taking some time to visit. Goodwood is within striking distance of both Brighton and Southampton, as well as having easy access from the center of London, so it is convenient for visitors from any part of Britain to include the Goodwood Racecourse in their itineraries. There are just 20 days of live events each year, starting with the first weekend of May, but each one is so full of tradition and glamour, that it appears to be a very packed season for regulars.

The Goodwood Racecourse shows the English countryside at its best. The race track, the stands, and other viewing areas are all set in verdant surroundings, and the slight elevation of the site yields the most spectacular views. Many horse racing enthusiasts, who have seen racecourses all over the world, agree that Goodwood is by far the most picturesque!

English Royalty can be fascinating for many, and the Goodwood Racecourse is steeped in tradition in this respect. It is now over 200 years old, and has always had the support and grace of the British Royal Family. You can feel the history in the air when witnessing a live event and the elegant crowd, though the authorities have added thoughtful modernizing touches over the years to match amenities at newer tracks.

Goodwood is clearly built for speed. The straight is long and much of the course is slightly downhill. There is one tight loop to be negotiated, but the surface is immaculately kept and just right for flat racing. The coast is not far away, so conditions can be foggy, though the viewing areas are meticulously planned for following races with rapt attention.

Every event at Goodwood is special and not just from a horse racing perspective! King George VII set a precedent here by appearing in smart but unconventional dress. Goodwood has been a place for people of both sexes to show off the latest designs, cuts and colors since then. The dining and entertaining facilities match the regal ambience and add to the thrills of a day at the Goodwood Racecourse.

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