Horse Racing in the Middle East

Some of the world’s best equine genes reside in this arid part of the world. The horse and the Middle East can never be separated, and the sport of modern horse racing becomes increasingly reliant on Middle East patronage by the year. Interest in horse racing may wax and wane in other parts of the world, but no place can match the racy and sustained passion for the sport which is found in the Middle East.

Bahrain has made commendable contributions to horse racing in the recent past, but it is to Dubai that most credit is due for the bulk of the region’s contribution to the sport. The Emir from the ruling family has spread his influence on horse racing far beyond the shores of the United Arab Emirates, and has made enormous and continuous investments in U.K. horse racing. Some of the best breeding and racing facilities in and around London are now owned and operated by the Emir and by members of his extended family. This comes in the wake of decades of love for the sport by the Aga Khan, whose stables continue to produce thoroughbreds of rare pedigrees every year.

Horse racing in Dubai has become the best in the world, with purses, amenities, glamour, and attractions that draw the very best horses and jockeys from far corners of the world. Horse racing in Dubai has also become a step up in the international social ladder, and top events are musts in the schedules of the glitterati. The dazzle of horse racing in Dubai hides excellent organization, sound business planning, technical excellence, and judicious investments that go on behind the scenes. The people of the Emirates have long been known for their business acumen, and they have applied their commercial heritage to best effect in developing horse racing to new standards of excellence.

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