Horse Racing In Scotland

Five race courses and less than 100 days of horse racing - the numbers are not impressive by global standards, so why is the sport such a big deal in Scotland? Why do horse racing enthusiasts with more modern and ostensibly better facilities in and near their home cities long to see top events in this mysterious land? How does Scotland compete with racecourses in England, some of which enjoy more royal patronage, and boast of more ancient linkages with the sport? Why do people from the business world with a bevy of luxurious destinations at their feet, prize invitations to Scottish horse racing events so highly? There can be no end to the questions that skeptics may pose about the puzzling fervor for Scottish horse racing, but the fact of the matter cannot be denied!

Management and organizational excellence is a major part of the answer. The standard of competition, safeguards against foul play, facilities for punters, non horse racing attractions for the young and memorable hospitality which only Scots can provide, all come together with precision and in a seamless manner. Every moment at a Scottish racecourse, from the time of entry is special and memorable. Each of the 5 courses has a character of its own, and complements the other 4 in a wholesome way. You can visit each one in turn to feel that it is the best you have encountered, only to be taken by surprise at the next event on another Scottish racecourse. Ayr, Hamilton Park, Kelso, Musselburgh and Perth are gems of incredible quality on their own, but string together as a necklace of Scotland, they become simply incomparable!

Horse racing in Scotland is a demonstration of the best practices of Services Management. Punters, contestants, and visitors are all treated with utmost care, and no effort is spared to provide satisfaction to the point of delight. However, we should not go overboard in praising the racecourses and their owners in isolation of the heady environment that Scotland provides. A Scottish racecourse transplanted in another place would not be the same. Scotland has as much to do with the pleasures of its horse racing, as the sport and its organizers in the land. The tourist attractions of the country lend their values to the sport, and make it even more attractive for people to visit Scotland during the wonderful summer months. Horse racing and Scotland have a symbiotic relationship in which everyone wins!

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