Gillespie County Fair and Festival Association Horse Racing Track in Texas

Gillespie County Fair & Festivals Association in Fredericksburg, Texas, runs exciting horse racing events during the annual county fair. The race track at the Gillespie County Fair attracts large numbers of racegoers during the racing season. Eager racing fans can also enjoy a variety of fun activities and events for the entire family.

The Gillespie County Fair and Festivals Association itself is a non-profit organization which founded the county fair in 1881. The fair has been run every year with a few years break during the two World Wars. The Board of Directors works on a volunteer basis to ensure that the goals of the organization are fulfilled.

Pari-mutuel horse racing events are held at the Gillespie County Fairgrounds during the summer months. Quarter horse racing dominates the schedule, however there are also a number of meets for thoroughbred racing and other special trials. The biggest feature is the Gillespie County Fair Futurity, drawing numerous bettors to the track. Pari-mutuel horse racing is great fun for the entire family and is accompanied by dancing, tours of Fredericksburg’s historic attractions, entertainment and delicious dining options. Racegoers can also try their hand at pari-mutuel simulcasting. The simulcasting is held in the Race Barn and features quarter horse, thoroughbred and greyhound racing events from around the United States of America. The building is air-conditioned with a bar and restaurant as well as high-tech simulcast equipment.

The Gillespie County Fair hosted by the Gillespie County Fair and Festivals Association not only features top quarter horse and thoroughbred racing but also offers a fantastic program. On the events schedule you will find items such as livestock exhibits, agricultural displays, a music showdown, parades, mutton busting, arts and crafts, dances, horseshoe pitching, washer pitching, queen content and so much more. The Gillespie County Fair is an event the entire family will want to attend and the horse racing is not to be missed.

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