Summerside Horse Racing Track in Canada

If you are looking for some great harness racing action, look no further than the Summerside Raceway in Summerside which offers live harness racing from June all the way through to October. The track is located on Prince Edward Island in Canada, near Charlottetown.

The Summerside Raceway opened in 1888 with plenty of fanfare and fun. People flocked to enjoy races at this great raceway and ogle the magnificent standardbred horses as they made their way around the track with skilful pacing. Today, not much has changed – people still come to Summerside Raceway to enjoy the finely bred horses, the exciting pace and the thrill of wagering. The track has a speed rating of 2:05 and a 440-foot long homestretch. There is enough place for six horses to start behind the gate and there is no Hub Rail. All this combines for some exciting live harness racing and it often draws enough people to fill the 150 seats of the clubhouse as well as the extensive seating available on the grandstand. The facility caters for these numbers by providing parking for roughly 600 cars and plenty of great refreshment facilities.

Patrons will be pleased to know that admission to both the clubhouse and the grandstand is free and so a day at the races is a very affordable option for families of all sizes. Of course, you have to be the legal age if you plan to engage in legalized wagering but even if you are not, you can still enjoy the spectacle of watching these sleek equine athletes pace furiously down the raceway in a quest to reach the finish line first. Though most races have a good attendance, you can usually just arrive at the gate without having to worry about not finding a seat. Come to Summerside Raceway and enjoy some great harness racing.

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