Cal-Expo Horse Racing Track in California

If you’re looking for great racing, visit the Capitol Racing track at the Cal-Expo grounds between December and April. During this time the racetrack features a number of great races where you can see nobodies become somebodies all in a few short seconds as they thunder down the final stretch of the racetrack. The track also features a number of notable horses and horse owners competing for their place at the top of the pack. As with most racing tracks, the Capitol Racing track also features plenty of wagering action so you can make the most of your trip to the racetrack.

It all started for the Capitol Racing racetrack in 1948 when plans were put in place to build a large exposition ground on 1,000 acres of recently purchased land which lay along the scenic American River. Though these plans only started to reach completion in the 1960s, the Cal Expo show grounds became the new home of the State Fair in 1968 and has continued to enjoy this pivotal role ever since. In 1971 the Capitol Raceway opened on the grounds which meant the general public could enjoy great facilities for the State Fair which is held every year. For horse lovers and gamblers, this means they are able to combine the thrill of live harness racing with the fun and festivity of the Fair. However Capitol Raceway also holds races for the much of the year so you can enjoy watching these finely bred horses pace themselves before and after fair festivities.

There is only one main track at the Capitol Raceway, a one-mile oval. The track features a 990 ft final stretch which is 80 feet wide. The clubhouse can seat 634 while the grandstand can accommodate as many as 6,200 spectators. There is also parking for 5,000 vehicles. It should be noted that since the track is situated in Sacramento, it is also known as the Sacramento Raceway.

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