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One of the Best Horse Racing Learning Centers in the U.K

The United Kingdom may justifiably be called the home of modern horse racing. Central Asia played a stellar role in the ancient origins of this sport, and Dubai has raced to a vanguard position in modern times. Horse racing has spread to the United States during the 19th century and to many other countries as well, in the following centuries. However, all these countries owe England, and Ireland in particular, a great deal in terms of their horse racing prowess.

The British are known for their love of animals, and horses are top favorites all over this sporting nation. Horse racing and all other equestrian pastimes have an enthusiastic following all over Great Britain, as is evidenced by the myriad of riding schools in the countryside around London. Here is a description of one of the best places to learn horse riding in the U.K.

The first thing to strike a budding horse racing enthusiast on arrival at the Checkendon Equestrian Centre, is the soothingly green environment, the vast open spaces, and the relaxing atmosphere. You cannot but envy the staff work in these tranquil surroundings! In such a friendly and casual environment anyone can learn to ride, and the staff is careful to arrange for individual instruction, so that a newcomer does not get lost in a group of more accomplished riders.

The Checkendon Equestrian Center is an approved facility, so you can be assured of the best standards in all horse racing senses. The staff is equipped to impart advanced riding skills as related to show jumping and Dressage. Children and adults can enjoy learning about horses and riding at the Checkendon Equestrian Center, together and with amenities designed for their special needs. Though there is nothing urban about Checkendon, it is no more than an hour from the center of London, with Reading being the nearest railway station. The Center is also conveniently located off the M40 and the M4.